More About Our Science

We are promoting recovery of critically ill patients

IAIP are naturally-occurring plasma proteins that play a crucial role in managing and preventing the damaging effects of inflammation.  These proteins are essential to human health and act as endogenous defenders against severe inflammation. Healthy individuals have high levels of IAIP. During severe inflammation, the levels decline and mortality increases.

We will introduce IAIP as a replacement therapy in critical disease states where IAIP levels decrease as a result of the underlying disease process.

Applications for IAIP include a host of inflammatory conditions.

We are targeting high value, unmet medical needs where there are no treatments for the inflammatory process: Severe Community Acquired Pneumonia, Stroke and Neonatal Sepsis as well as the orphan indications, Neonatal Hypoxic Brain injury and Necrotizing Enterocolitis.

IAIP are produced primarily by the liver and are released into the blood where they circulate in high concentration. These proteins have also been detected in multiple organs including the brain, lung, kidney, intestine and skin. Circulating IAIP migrate into the tissue upon severe inflammation where they play a role in tissue repair. There are no humans known with a complete deficiency of IAIP.

The proteins dampen inflammation both in the blood and in the tissues by multiple mechanisms such as binding to complement and extracellular histones, protecting vascular endothelial cells, reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines, inhibiting proteases and dampening neutrophil activation. It is this broad protection and repair function that make IAIP so effective.

IAIP have evolved in nature to affect change at multiple targets thus providing broad protection against inflammation