Restoring Immune Regulation to Fight Damaging Inflammation

Restoring Immune Regulation to Fight Damaging Inflammation

ProThera Biologics

is developing a fundamentally new paradigm for treating severe inflammation

For many diseases the body mounts a life threatening immune response and no medications effectively treat this process.

Patients are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for extended periods of time and the mortality rates are high.

Our Approach

We are developing a class of human plasma proteins, which evolved to control inflammation by modulating multiple pathways, to restore patients health.

Human blood contains proteins which are essential for human health and each has an important role to play. Some of these proteins are isolated from blood and provided to patients with deficiencies in the specific protein. We have discerned that Inter-alpha inhibitor proteins (IAIP) are important, naturally-occurring, anti inflammatory proteins with great potential to treat patients with severe inflammatory diseases. 

Inter – alpha Inhibitor Proteins
A first in class, life-saving medicine to stop and reverse the course of inflammatory diseases